(b Birmingham, 5 Dec. 1890; d London, 19 Aug. 1957). British painter. He gave up an apprenticeship as a lithographer to devote himself to painting, studying under Sickert and at the Slade School. Whilst still a student he showed an advanced understanding of avant-garde Continental painting, particularly Cubism and Futurism (he visited Paris in 1913), and he exhibited with the Vorticists (although he turned down Wyndham Lewis's invitation to become a formal member of the group). His best-known work of this time is probably In the Hold (1913–14, Tate, London), a dazzlingly coloured abstraction of fragmented geometric forms. Although he received critical praise for this and other pictures, he had difficulty selling them and tended to work in isolation.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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