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'Gigantic Pumpkin'

This two-minute audio clip describes the sculpture Gigantic Pumpkin by Kate Malone (b.1959).

Gigantic Pumpkin

Gigantic Pumpkin 2008

Kate Malone (b.1959)

Nottingham City Museums & Galleries

Full audio description text

This brightly coloured work, Gigantic Pumpkin, is made from terracotta clay, and sits on a plinth, just under a metre high. It is a realistic interpretation, featuring the smooth curves and ridges of a pumpkin, as well as a twisted stalk at the top. However, this pumpkin is playfully exaggerated in size: 50 cm tall, 90 cm wide and 90 cm deep. It weighs 81 kg and takes four people to move it.

The Gigantic Pumpkin was hand-built by potter Kate Malone in her studio in France, in 2008. The sumptuous, multicoloured surface was achieved gradually, by applying layers of earthenware glazes and then firing, over and over again. The result is a blend of rich, dark greens and blues, with streaks of bright yellow and hints of orange. The colours merge into each other, giving depth and glossiness to the finish.

The sculpture is one of only two pieces by Kate Malone in this form and scale. She is an established maker, and has worked in ceramics for over 30 years, producing bold, hand-built sculptures varying in size. She is skilled at using colour, with a sharp eye for shades that blend and complement each other.

The Gigantic Pumpkin sits in the 'nature up close' section of the Long Gallery at Nottingham Castle. It is surrounded by colourful ceramics, glass, paintings and jewellery, which explore how artists and makers have been inspired by the natural world. It is a popular piece, attracting attention due to its sheer size, vibrant colours, and because it is recognisably a pumpkin. The scale of the work gives it gravity, but also humour – it is a joyful celebration of the fruit.

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This audio description was created by VocalEyes for Art UK Sculpture, a national project to document and increase access to the UK's publicly owned sculpture. This description is one of 25 representing sculpture collections across the UK.

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