Gary Haines is a professional archivist and researcher and surprises himself when he looks at his CV and realises he has been doing this for twenty years. Gary is passionate about telling the stories of those hidden from history and passionate that art galleries and museums are for everyone. He still remembers the seminal moment when he viewed Van Gogh’s Sunflowers for the first time at The National Gallery while unemployed and the immense impact it had on him.

From ten years out of work after leaving school, Gary was the first to go to university in his family and is now a published author of two books and numerous articles including a paper on the German First World War artist Otto Dix, published in War and Art: A Visual History of Modern Conflict. Gary was formerly archivist for the V&A Museum of Childhood and is now the archivist at the RAF Museum London, as well as a freelance writer and reviewer in social, cultural and military history.

Gary Haines