Standard reference sources usually give Webb’s birth year as 1825. He was in fact born at Glebe Place, Chelsea, on 11th April 1835, the third child and second son of Archibald Webb (b.c.1792–1883), marine and coastal painter, and his wife Ellen (née de Lawtre) who married in March 1831. His elder brother was Byron Webb (b.11th December 1831–d.August 1867) also a good painter of horses, hunting and especially Scottish Highland animal subjects, who exhibited at the Royal Academy, Society of British Artists and elsewhere from 1846 to 1866. James’s other siblings were Leonora (b.1833), Annette (b.1837, d.pre-1841), Archibald (b.1839); Thomas Warburton (b.1841); Ellen Elizabeth (b.1842, d.pre-1844), Ellen Clara (b.1844) and John Warburton (1847–1869).

Text source: Art Detective

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