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The Science Museum was founded in 1909 but has its origins in the South Kensington Museum of 1857. The Art Collection contains more than 8,000 works and 280 oil paintings. Notable bequests include the Penn-Gaskell Collection (ballooning, aeronautics) and Woodcroft Collection (portraits from the Patent Office Museum). The museum continues to collect artworks relating to the history of science, technology and medicine from antiquity to the contemporary. The Collection features 80 oil portraits, mostly of scientists and engineers such as Isaac Newton, James Watt and Richard Arkwright but also a portrait of a ‘Man Holding a Watch’ from about 1560, attributed to Tommaso Manzuoli. One of the most recent is a portrait of Stephen Hawking. Paintings in the collection include 'Coalbrookdale by Night' by de Loutherbourg, 'A Manufacturing Town' by L. S. Lowry and 'The Munitions Girls, 1918' by Stanhope Forbes.

Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, Greater London SW7 2DD England

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