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Scalloway Museum, the Shetland Bus Friendship Society and Scalloway History Group

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Scalloway Museum was opened in 1985 by the Scalloway History Group. In 2012 it reopened in new premises adjacent to Scalloway Castle and is managed jointly by the Scalloway History Group and the Shetland Bus Friendship Society. The museum has a wide-ranging collection of artefacts and documents related to the history of Scalloway village, the island of Trondra and the Tingwall Valley. The area includes a rich archaeological past, including standing stones and the site of the medieval parliament, or 'þing'. Scalloway is Shetland’s ancient capital and has been an important shipping and fishing port for centuries. The new museum will focus on these aspects and the World War II Shetland Bus operations and continuing cultural links with Norway. The art collection contains works mainly tracing the maritime heritage of Scalloway. It includes a sympathetic representation of gutter lasses at work by Fred Balshaw and a number of works, including a self portrait by local artist Captain James Tait.

Castle Street, Scalloway, Shetland Islands ZE1 0TP Scotland

01595 880734