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The Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford is one of the leading mathematics departments in the world, with a significant research profile in central areas of contemporary mathematical research ( The inclusive nature and overall size of the department are key factors in the provision of an outstanding research environment for its members. The large number of faculty, postdocs and students in the department, all supported by excellent facilities, allows us to maintain a critical mass in research groups encompassing a wide spectrum of mathematics, while the integrated nature of the department fosters collaboration between fields. This approach reflects a widespread recognition within the department of the unity of mathematics and the importance of cross-fertilisation between fields. Many members of the Institute have received prestigious prizes and other special recognition for their work; some recent examples can be found at The Mathematical Institute is not open to the public.

24–29 St Giles, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 3LB England

01865 273525

The Mathematical Institute is not open to the public.