(b Cannes, 4 Mar. 1878; d London, 6 Jan. 1952). British painter. He grew up in France (his father, a doctor, practised there) and settled in London in 1910. He was already a friend of Gilman and Gore and through them he was drawn into Sickert's circle, becoming a founder member of the Camden Town Group in 1911 and the London Group in 1913. His Continental background made him a respected figure among his associates, who were united by an admiration for French painting. Ginner was primarily a townscape and landscape painter and he is known above all for his views of London (often drab areas, although he also depicted the hustle and bustle of places such as Leicester Square and Victoria Station). He painted with thick, regular brushstrokes and firm outlines, creating a heavily textured surface and a feeling of great solidity.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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