British painter. She was born in Aspatria, Cumberland, and studied at Carlisle School of Art, 1947–9, and *St Martin's School of Art, London, 1949–51. Although she lived in London for most of her later life (she taught at Chelsea School of Art from 1958), she often visited her family in Cumberland, and in 1977 she wrote: ‘My main concern is landscape (although I have painted several portraits) and I have mostly drawn and painted in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Wales. The chief influence has therefore been that of the country and the different activities which take place on the land, the presence of the mountains, moors, sea, and the effect of the changing light in relation to the earth.’ Her early death was caused by an accident when she fell down a steep staircase.

Text source: A Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art (Oxford University Press)

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