St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

Image credit: Culture and Sport Glasgow (Glasgow Museums)

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St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art explores the importance of religion in people’s lives across the world and in different eras. The aim of the museum is to promote understanding and respect between people of different faiths and of none. The Gallery of Religious Art contains objects chosen to reflect the meaning of the religious traditions which inspired their creation. Highlights include a bronze sculpture of the Hindu god Shiva Nataraja (Lord of the Dance). Inserted in the gallery windows are medieval stained-glass panels from the Burrell Collection and 19th century and early 20th century stained glass from disused Glasgow churches. Paintings include ‘The Sabbath Candles’ by Dora Holzhandler. The Gallery of Religious Life looks at how religion is woven into people’s daily lives. The displays in the centre focus on the world’s six largest religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. The Scottish Gallery explores the ways in which religious beliefs have influenced the shape and character of Scottish society.

2 Castle Street, Glasgow G4 0RH Scotland

0141 276 1625

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art is open Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 10am–5pm, Friday and Sunday 11am–5pm; it is closed on Mondays. Entry is free. If you are planning a visit especially to see a particular painting please check with the museum that it is currently on display. Paintings can be moved at short notice.