Northern Lighthouse Board

Northern Lighthouse Board

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The Northern Lighthouse Board's principal concern is with safety: the safety of the mariner at sea; the safety of our own people employed in or around some of the world's most dangerous coastlines; and the safety of the environment in which we, and those who come after us, must live and work. Today the Board is responsible for a network of over 200 lighthouses around the coasts and islands of Scotland and the Isle of Man. The Board’s main offices are in Edinburgh and there is also a base at Oban for berthing its two ships, NLV 'Pharos' and NLV 'Pole Star'. The paintings in the Board’s Edinburgh offices reflect our work; the memorable painting ‘Building of the Bell Rock Lighthouse’ by Alexander Carse is featured on the jacket of the 'The Lighthouse Stevensons' by Bella Bathurst.

84 George Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH2 3DA Scotland

0131 473 3103

The building is not normally open to the public.