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Painting and pigments are intimately connected, but have you ever given much thought to artists’ relationship with colour? Yves Klein had his blue and Malevich had black; the Impressionists formed an entire movement around light and colour. On this episode, we speak with artist Stuart Semple (creator of the 'pinkest pink' and 'mattest, flattest, black' acrylic paints commercially available) about artists’ love of colour and how he went about making his colouriest colour collection.

This episode's guest

Stuart Semple is an innovative artist whose work has been shown at galleries in New York, London and Hong Kong. He first garnered notice in 2009 through his project ‘HappyCloud’ in which he released thousands of smiley-faced soap clouds from Tate Modern. He curated an exhibition in 2011 at the Old Vic Tunnels featuring works by Tracey Emin, Matt Collishaw, himself and others to support mental health, and in 2016 he released his pinkest pink pigment for sale online to ALMOST any artist. He has since released a yellowiest yellow, greenest green, loveliest blue, and very black black as well.

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