British painter and actress, born in Croydon. She studied at Wimbledon School of Art and the *Royal College of Art, London, where she took the stained-glass course, although by that time this was frequently taken by those whose primary interest was painting. In 1962 she appeared alongside Peter *Blake and Derek *Boshier in Ken Russell's film Pop Goes the Easel, which alerted for the first time a wider public in Britain to the *Pop art phenomenon. Her early work consisted of collages more concerned with nostalgia than contemporary popular culture, but by the time she had her first solo exhibition at the Grabowski Gallery in 1963, her paintings reflected topical issues as filtered through the mass media. Scandal '63 (presumed lost) referred to the Christine Keeler affair by including a widely reproduced image of Keeler.

Text source: A Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art (Oxford University Press)

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