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New College, Oxford, has in its possession over 150 oil paintings, the majority of which are portraits relating to the history of the College. There are, however significant landscapes, pictures with religious themes, and abstract contemporary paintings. The collection includes works by El Greco, George Romney, Wyndham Lewis, and Richard Hamilton, and as it stands today, is the product of commissions by the College, artwork gifted by former Wardens, Fellows and Alumni, and purchases from two dedicated funds. The Collection is privately owned by New College, and is curated by the Chattels Fellow, Michael Burden. The College was founded by William of Wykeham in 1379, and some of the earliest surviving oil portraiture in the collection can be dated to the sixteenth century; among the more recent commissions is one of 2006 by Jennifer Anderson of an Emeritus Fellow. The content of the collection is, in the main, a reflection of the College’s history over several centuries, and provides a visual record of those who have had an academic, visiting, or domestic association with the institution. It is stressed that the paintings at New College are not in public ownership. In accordance with the charitable aims of the College, which is a private institution, we are including our paintings on this website to widen public awareness and for the benefit of scholarship. Some of the paintings are displayed in the Hall and Chapel, and can been viewed during the hours the College is open to the public; these times are available on the website at Others are hung in private areas of College, where access is normally limited to those carrying out academic research. Those wishing to view a particular item are invited to contact the Chattels Fellow, via his secretary in the first instance. Mrs Jacqui Julier, The Chattels Secretary, New College, Oxford, OX1 3BN. Email: Telephone: 01865 279552/279555.

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