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Fydell House

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The paintings at Fydell House are of the Fydell family and as such they tell the history of the house and its occupants. Fydell House was originally built in the 1700s for the widow Mrs Lennox Jackson but was later passed down to grandson Samuel Jackson, who put it up for sale and was bought by Joseph Fydell in 1726. Fydell was a mercer and trader of Boston and became mayor of the town three times. He stamped his brand or trademark on the rear of the building, making it Fydell House. Joseph died in 1731. Joseph's nephew Richard came into Boston and bought the house from Joseph's brother-in-law and trustee John Browne in 1733. Richard built a wide reputation in the wine trade which was sustained by his son and heir Thomas. The house stayed in the ownership of the Fydell family until 1868. In 1945, Nottingham University became tenants and used the House as an Adult Education Centre until 2003. Upon their withdrawal a Limited Company was formed in order to keep the House open to the public.

South Square, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 6HU England


01205 351520

Fydell House is open every day except Fridays, 9.30am–4pm. Rooms are let out to a variety of local and national groups and the largest room is registered for marriage ceremonies. Fydell House Centre is a charity and as such receives no grants from central or local government. All bookings and/or donations are very welcome.