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Why did the Futurists want Italians to stop eating pasta? Would you try Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec sheep’s feet recipe? In this episode, we discuss the relationship between art and food via creative cookbooks by artists and chefs. Discover some famous artists who have dabbled in gastronomy – would you be brave enough to try their recipes?

Cookbooks discussed:
The Futurists Cookbook by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
The Art of Cuisine by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Maurice Joyant
Cooking for Artists by Mina Stone
Food for Thought by Ferran Adria, edited by Richard Hamilton
Wild Raspberries by Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt

This episode's guest

Cedar is an artist, writer, and curator who frequently explores the crossover between art and gastronomy. He’s worked with institutions like Tate and the British Council, and also taught classes on the history of food and art for the Royal Academy. He’s currently curator of a three-year project, Outside The Cube, for HangarBicocca foundation in Milan.

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