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The Met Gala is one of the biggest cultural events of the season, seeing the collision of art, celebrity and fashion. Ahead of the gala, we sit down with the ladies of Tabloid Art History to discuss the history of the event, which celebrities to watch out for, and this year’s theme of ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’. Why is Catholic imagery so inspirational for artists, and how can you decode some of the religious references in fashion and art?

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Tabloid Art History was created by Elise Bell, Chloe Esslemont and Mayanne Soret in November 2016, and has built a community of over 40,000 followers over the last year. They’ve been featured in Vanity Fair, Dazed, Vogue, i-D and Vox. They also produce a zine looking at the intersection of pop culture and art history.

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