As a private individual, with no formal training, Alan was pitched into the art world due to the inheritance of some of the works and archives of his wife's late uncle, Walter Steggles. Walter and his younger brother Harold had exhibited widely in the late 1920s and 1930s but, beyond that, Alan had no context as to their artistic achievements. Whilst sorting through old catalogues and correspondence, it became clear, to some extent, just what they had both achieved and, as time has gone on, Alan has become steeped in their world and that of the East London Group and discovered the true scope of their achievements and reputation in their day. Alan has used various social media platforms to add immeasurably to that understanding, most notably Twitter.

Alan has launched three websites for the East London Group and runs profiles for the group on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has been closely involved in five exhibitions in recent years, two of which he has curated, and with a third in prospect.