A collection of artworks which reflect Learning and Engagement Officer Katie's favourite things at home for 'Curate to Connect', the 23rd #CreatetoConnect challenge from 64 Million Artists across May 2020.

Create your own at home and online following the guidance on #ArtUKHomeSchool


4 artworks


Small Fan Dancer (Variation No. 1)
© Allen Jones. Image credit: Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London

Fan (Spain, 2019)

"I chose this art work because it reminds me of a fan I bought in Spain in 2019. When I was a child, I loved the musical Carmen and would always dress up in long skirts and flamenco dance my way around the house. The fan and this art work reminds me of that time."

Small Fan Dancer (Variation No. 1) 1982–1983
Allen Jones (b.1937)
Charcoal, enamel & oil on wood
H 62 x W 30.5 x D 27 cm
Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre


Untitled 1986 (The Headington Shark)
© the copyright holder. Image credit: Jane Roblin / Art UK

Swim Team! (England, 2000)

"This fun sculpture reminded me of my fun bath toys!"

Untitled 1986 (The Headington Shark)
John Buckley (b.1945) and Anton Castiau
Polyester resin, oil paint & metal
H 760 cm


Dancing Columns
© DACS 2024. Image credit: Government Art Collection

Pass Me the Salt & Pepper (England, 1960’s)

"I spotted my petrol station shakers in a charity shop and had to have them! I like how unique the designs of salt & pepper shakers can be, and so I wondered which sculptures on Art UK would make a great set of shakers. Tony Cragg's wonderful Dancing Columns would work well!"

Dancing Columns 2000
Tony Cragg (b.1949)
H 800 x W 200 cm
Government Art Collection


Untitled Dancer
© the copyright holder. Image credit: CW+

Dancing Doll (India, 1997)

"My family bought my dancing doll whilst travelling in India and I played with her all the time, gently tapping her head and skirt so they would move. I'm surprised she is still in good condition! This sculpture by Dutkiewjcz reminds me of her because of the sense of dance-like movement, hinted at in the title."

Untitled Dancer
Edward Dutkiewicz (1961–2007)
H 48 x W 34 cm