Social worker, artist and musician, born and lived in London, daughter of James Loewe, communal worker and scholar. She studied the piano in Breslau, Germany, then in 1914 was persuaded by Basil Henriques, whom she married, to enter social work. Basil was knighted for his work in London’s East End in 1955. He and Rose were wardens of the Bernhard Baron St George’s Jewish Settlement from 1914–48, and continued to live there even after officially retiring. Rose was known to the boys and girls as “the Missus”. In addition, she was a nurse at Liverpool Street Station in World War I; was an air-raid warden and organised an emergency feeding scheme in World War II; in 1945 went to Bergen-Belsen to tackle welfare problems after the closing of the notorious camp; was chairman of the British Ose Society for promoting physical and mental health; and in 1954 founded the Workrooms for the Elderly in east London.

Text source: 'Artists in Britain Since 1945' by David Buckman (Art Dictionaries Ltd, part of Sansom & Company)

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