Painter, mainly in acrylic, also in mixed media, born in Poole, Dorset, settling at Swanage. He was “briefly at Bournemouth College of Art, but consider myself self-taught.” Graham spent many years in design/advertising, but reckoned “that my obsession with painting started in 1975.” Graham’s work tended towards the abstract, but drew its inspiration from “the hills, the soil and the sea. Wild places, gentle places, sacred places”. He hoped “to make the indefinable attainable”. Graham participated in many mixed shows, in 1992 winning first prize in the RWA autumn exhibition donated by Brandler Galleries. After a solo show at Poole Arts Centre, 1986, later ones included On Line Gallery, Southampton, and Alpha Gallery, Swanage, both 1993, Hart South-West, Brea, 2000, Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester, 2002, and Hart Gallery 2002–3–4.

Text source: 'Artists in Britain Since 1945' by David Buckman (Art Dictionaries Ltd, part of Sansom & Company)

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