Building upon our successful online public sculpture database, which now has over 14,700 public artworks listed from across the UK, we would like to invite you to assist in updating our records for current and recent public sculpture projects.

Sheffield COVID Memorial

Sheffield COVID Memorial 2023

George King Architects (founded 2015)

Balm Green Gardens, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Starting in 2017, Art UK recorded public sculptures across the UK to make them available for people across the world to search, learn about and enjoy online for free. This included sculptures in public art collections, but also the sculptures in our streets, parks and squares, even those on top of mountains and beside the sea. By 2022 we had completed the main digitisation programme, but are still committed to continue recording new public sculptures as they are unveiled. We also want to add any we might have missed.

After the Dance

After the Dance 2023

Colin Spofforth (b.1963)

Mulryan Centre for Dance, Hopewell Square, Leamouth Peninsula, Newham

We would love to hear about any upcoming unveilings and public art projects in all parts of the UK. Your engagement helps to keep our database current and we can help to share news of new artworks.

Are you an artist who has been commissioned to create a sculpture to be installed in an outdoor, public space? Have you unveiled or are planning to unveil a public sculpture commission in 2023? Do you have an upcoming unveiling planned for 2024?

Are you a member of the public who knows about a new public sculpture unveiled this year? Do you know about a new public sculpture which is about to be unveiled this year or next year?

The Glimmer Twins

The Glimmer Twins 2023

Amy Goodman (b.1974)

One Bell Corner, High Street, Dartford, Kent

If you have any information to share, you can email us directly at

Thank you very much!

Tracy Jenkins, Public Art Manager at Art UK