Have you made an account on Art UK? There are many benefits to doing this but an important one is that it gives you free access to 2,000 artist biographies from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) and Oxford Art Online, courtesy of our partners, Oxford University Press.

To take advantage of this feature, simply visit your profile page, input the long number on your UK local authority library card, select your local authority and click 'Save'. Now, when you visit selected artists' pages on Art UK, you will be able to click on a link to the ODNB or Oxford Art Online, which will appear to the right of an abbreviated biography of the artist. Try it with J. M. W. TurnerAllan Ramsay and Raphael, as well as twentieth-century artists like Duncan GrantLászló Moholy-Nagy and Paul Klee. In due course, we plan to link from artworks of people on Art UK direct to the biography on the ODNB (where this exists).

In total there are over 60,000 biographies on the ODNB. It is the most incredible resource and free to access for most UK local authority library cardholders.

We're pleased to announce that the ODNB now also links back to Art UK. Oxford University Press has kindly ensured that over 2,000 ODNB entries provide links to corresponding artist pages on Art UK. These links can be found in the left-hand navigation bar when browsing the ODNB website, under the heading 'Online resources'. We're excited to welcome curious art-lovers from the ODNB to see the art the nation owns.

Andrew Ellis, Director of Art UK

Oxford University Press is an Art UK Project partner