Rosie Shackleton is the Assistant Curator with North Lanarkshire Council based at The Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life. Originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire Rosie has lived, studied and worked in Scotland for the last five years.

Rosie studied German and History at the University of Edinburgh, where she specialised in memorialisation of the Holocaust and the Second World War in Europe, as well as the work of architect Robert Tischler. During her year abroad in Germany she worked for the Fritz Hüser Institute of Literature and Culture of the Working World where she helped create and launch the project 'To Cross All Frontiers: Ein Wanderbuch für Europa' inspired by the travel diaries of author Erich Grisar.

After graduating, Rosie worked for Jupiter Artland followed by Industrial Museums Scotland where she supported Scotland's contribution to the Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme.

Her current role includes working on organising, cataloguing and researching the art collection of North Lanarkshire Council.

Rosie Shackleton