(b Leeuwarden, c.1527; d ?Antwerp, c.1606). Netherlandish painter, architect, engineer, and designer, active in Germany and Prague, as well as in Amsterdam, Antwerp, and The Hague. He was famous in his lifetime for his skill in illusionistic architectural decoration, but much of his work was of a temporary nature (triumphal arches for festivities and so on) and although his paintings were much admired and imitated by his contemporaries, only a few survive that are certainly from his own hand. An example is Palace Scene with Strolling Figures (1596, KH Mus., Vienna), which has a typically Mannerist architectural setting, with rows of columns in emphatic perspective. It is signed by Hans and his son Paul (1567–c.1630), one of several painters with whom he worked (Hans doing the architecture, his collaborator the figures).

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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