William Grant Stevenson was born in Ratho, Edinburgh, Scotland on 7 March 1849 and was the younger brother of the sculptor David Watson Stevenson (1842-1904). He studied at the Trustees' School at the Royal Institution in Edinburgh, following which he attended the Life Class at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh where he was awarded gold and silver medals, including the Stuart Prize for a Relief of a Classical Subject in 1869. In c.1878, whilst still a student at the Academy he won the Competition for the Monument to Robert Burns in Kilmarnock. He later also produced statues of Burns for Denver, Colorado (1904, Chicago, Illinois (1906), Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada (1906); and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1909). Stevenson's most notable works are his bronze statue of the Scottish patriot William Wallace in Aberdeen (1888); and three figures for the Scott Monument on Princes Street in Edinburgh.

Text source: Arts + Architecture Profiles from Art History Research net (AHRnet) https://www.arthistoryresearch.net/

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