Brazilian *Kinetic artist. Born in Zurich, she moved with her family to Milan. To escape persecution as a Jew, she left for Sarajevo in 1941, moving to Brazil in 1949. Much of her work was ephemeral. In 1966 she exhibited her Droghinas (‘druglets’ or ‘little nothings’) made of knotted rice paper, at the Museo Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro. They were merely left in a heap on the floor. For Guy Brett they ‘seem to express a passionate search for how little can act as a stimulant to the perception of space’ (Kinetic Art, 1968). Other Droghinas were suspended, gravity playing its part in their formation. Like other Brazilian artists (*Oiticica and Lygia *Clark), she was engaged in explorations of indeterminacy which bring her close to the *anti-form ideas of Robert *Morris.

Text source: A Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art (Oxford University Press)

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