Justo Ruiz Luna was born in Cádiz, Spain. Before entering the School of Fine Arts, where he remained from 1882 to 1884, he spent time in Rome. There, he encountered other Spanish artists and later revisited the city with his friend, Salvador Viniegra, to work with José Villegas, whom he always considered his mentor. In 1886 he exhibited at the Ateneo de Madrid with other students of Villegas and the following year he won an honourable mention for Remains of a Shipwreck at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts. He continued to gain recognition for his work, establishing himself as a prestigious marine artist. He would eventually win gold in the same competition for his Naval Combat at Trafalgar in 1890. Shortly afterwards he joined the Transatlantic Company as a camera inspector and, consequently, abandoned his trips to Italy and his habitual practice of painting, although he made numerous small panels and canvases with maritime scenes and images of the ships owned by the company.

Text source: Art Detective

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