(b Prague, 23 July 1607; d London, 25 Mar. 1677). Bohemian etcher and watercolourist, active mainly in England. He had part of his training in the workshop of Merian in Frankfurt. In 1636, while working in Cologne, he met the Earl of Arundel; he accompanied him on a diplomatic mission through central Europe and returned with him to England. Hollar remained in England for most of the rest of his life (he lived in Antwerp 1644–52 and went on an expedition to Tangier 1668–9); during the Civil War he fought on the Royalist side. He was one of the outstanding draughtsmen and etchers of the 17th century and his views of London form an invaluable record of its appearance before the Great Fire of 1666. His prolific output also included many other subjects.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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