(b Paris, 12 Apr. 1885; d Montpellier, 25 Oct. 1941). French painter. Initially he painted in an Impressionist style, but in 1906 he began the experiments with the abstract qualities of colour that were to provide the central theme of his career. His starting point was Neo-Impressionism, but instead of using Seurat's pointillist technique he investigated the interaction of large areas of contrasting colours. He was particularly interested in the interconnections between colour and movement. By 1910 he was making an individual contribution to Cubism, combining its fragmented forms with vibrant colours (rather than the muted browns and greys typical of Braque and Picasso at this time) and depicting the dynamism of city life rather than the standard Cubist repertoire of still life and so on.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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